Monday, November 21, 2011

Sydling St Nicholas, day six, Cherry Tree Cottage, day one

This was a huge day of driving, from south to north. And not much fun.
We were sad to say goodbye to Sydling St Nicholas - we missed it as soon as we left.
And then it was long, long hours in the car as we drove and drove and drove up motorway after motorway to find our way into the stern and tough north.
It was foggy like underwater; could hardly see beyond the immediate range of the car, so I can't tell you much about what the landscape was like. We listened to very bad radio (Paris had an i-pod and headphones so he was spared somewhat). But we set our sites on Nottingham for lunch and were excited about it. But it was not quite like that. Nottingham is the most depressed city I have ever seen. Every street was thick with 'To Let' signs and the streets were filthy and there was nothing open. Where the hell is Robin Hood? They need him back desperately. We did drive past Nottingham Castle but didn't stop. Cold and horrid. Can't think of anything worse.
So off to York. We loved York. It was cold (though we have been told since that this was the mildest autumn/winter they have ever had). We puffy jacketed our way around the town and found our way into the Three Tons to eat. Great sausages and mash. And warm all round. Then another turn around the town with these tiny laneways unchanged from 1400, and markets and lots of Christmas lights and frosty air. And, inexplicably, a foot spa place called 'Appy Feet' that was hosting a children's party (lots of kids with their hooves in water. Weird). Then, through the dark and misty landscape to our place that is in Leyburn (someway outside of York). It was creepy and a little frightening driving to our place. But Cherry Tree Cottage is delightful. All warm (I love the way the English heat their houses) and quite big with huge beds and lovely all over. Off to do some northernish things tomorrow.

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