Saturday, November 12, 2011

The journey from Melbourne to London

The longest flight of all: Australia to Europe.

We boarded all a-flutter and excited. But within moments, there was a great crash and burn. Niccolo was horrified to discover that the entertainment system was off-line and he wouldn't have access to television, films or games. I worked out that I was so tired, I could sleep upright with lights on and everyone around me eating forkfuls of gunk from tinfoil trays. Paris claimed to not so much sleep as to become unconscious. Zelda and I had a snuggle for a bit because the woman behind Zelda wouldn't let her recline her seat.

The issue of reclining seats - how much and who - is the scene of much bad blood in the air.

It was interesting to be on a plane where there were no electronic options. The whole plane slept with real determination. On the second leg (Doha to London), the electronic were working, and suddenly we all became slack jawed, TV heads. I watched Midnight in Paris (loved it), Something Borrowed (WTF) and some other crap. But it wasn't nearly as restful as the first flight. It could be my imagination of course. My notion of 'idyllic' behaviour. TV and electonic cheapens silence or mass sleeping for me. Idiotic.

So tired now that I keep typing three lines of 'd' (it must be my heaviest finger that sits on it) before I wake up and erase them. I'll tell more tomorrow.

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  1. hullooooo zed i miss you a lot!! you look like your having an AWESOME not fabulous or anything like that an AWESOME time!!!!!!!:) anyway schools pretty ordinary like usual but one exciting thing is that camp is in exactly 13 days!!! anyway i still miss you a lot and so does amber!!
    byeeeeee for the day!!!
    PS this is for nicolo your class put on an awesome play!!! And did your mum make a fake name for your blog? anyway get back to me soon byeeeeeeeeeee