Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cherry Tree Cottage, day five; Cambridge

Our last day at Cherry Tree Cottage. While we were happy here, it wasn't the pain we felt leaving Sydling St Nicholas. We were ready to go. But before we drove away from Yorkshire, it was one more sip and sup in York; a town we have loved. The Saint Nicholas Fayre had begun - lots of stalls with the stall holders dressed up in Victorian costumes. It was busy and I lost Niccolo on more than one occasion. What we did get together on was a crazy beautiful cupcake stall where we bought enormous and gorgeous cupcakes. Then around the town again, through the Shambles and out to our car.
Off we went to Cambridge. It was a long drive, only broken really by the discovery of BBC 4 and radio theatre. We listened to The King of Sootland, and even the kids were into it.

Arrived at our B and B (Worth House, fabulous), and ate and went to sleep. Long drives can do that to you.

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